Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
FreshCart.lk is a commercial website, thus we are highly concerned about the responsiveness of the website and the mobile app so as about customer care. We are still waiting for the registration, so you should be aware of the business description of the FreshCart.lk before purchasing from us to avoid any legal issues that will arise later from your side regarding our registration as a business and by purchasing from us you yourself agree that you have carefully read and understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions mentioned herewith with no obligations.
All the purchases will be confirmed only after the payments are made fully, anything left unpaid will not be confirmed and will not be delivered under any circumstances. Payments are approved through credit or debit cards through the payment gateway of the Kandy Cars Online (PVT) Ltd which is the partnership business of the FreshCart.lk
Goods purchased will be delivered on our earliest convenience which usually takes 2 to 4 days in Colombo and Suburbs and 2-7 days away from the Colombo, and Current situation of the country may further lengthen the duration of delivery time depending on the government restrictions, but still, we are doing our best to serve you on the earliest convenience minimizing the delay or disappointments.
In case of an ordered item is not available or not in our possession due to the current situation of Sri Lanka, one of our agents may contact you to discuss the solutions that we can come to an agreement with ( either to provide you an alternate product of a different brand name or to refund the cost of the particular product with the other goods on delivery) or in case if we wont be able to reach you via phone, the solution will be to refund you the cost of that particular product/item, as you may not accept the alternate provided by us, so we kindly request you to answer the phone if our customer care agents will call you in such case.
We are not liable for the issues with a particular canned or packed product, unless if the expiration date is not passed, since it is rather the fault of that particular product and not ours, but we will be responsible for the unpacked products which are being processed from our side including vegetables, fruits, and grains, in that case also if you have ordered a particular branded product and still theres something wrong with it, we will again not be responsible for it rather it is that particular brand, which has produced that particular item; has done the fault.
We will be responsible for the amounts, expiration dates, delivery time, and delivery quality, as we are a delivery based website and not a production company.
In case if any restrictions will be imposed by the government regarding the delivery of the goods, this service will have to be stopped/suspended and in such case payments already made will be refunded and the orders which had already started processing to be delivered by that time; will be delivered.  
No orders can be canceled once the payments are done and nothing will be refunded in such case.
Also be noted that our charges include the cost of the product (market value), taxes, bank processing fees, and delivery fees too. You are requested to keep the invoice (email) with you and it will be valid legally and we will be responsible for the invoices sent via email to our clients. A bank processing fee will be 2.99% of the total invoice value, taxes will be 5% of the total invoice and delivery fee will be calculated by the website automatically depending on the goods that you have purchased, and these charges will be displayed to you clearly, as the price summary before making any payments.
The payment gateway is integrated with a reputed bank in Sri Lanka (Sampath Bank) and the service is provided by the PayHere, a product of the Basha Lanka (PVT) Ltd. This your payments are secured with the above-mentioned companies and the Sampath Bank of Sri Lanka.
Payment Policies
Online payment gateway system integrated by reputed bank in Sri Lanka named Sampath Bank and assisted By PayHere brand of Basha Lanka (PVT) Ltd is being used to accept online payments from credit and debit cards including VISA,  MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER.
If you have a Sampath bank online payment facility so you can pay with Sampath bank too, so as the HNB bank. So as the other mobile wallets like Genie, EzCash, mCash, and Genie.
Orders will be confirmed only after we receive the payments on either one of the above ways, and no orders can be canceled once the payment is received.
In case if the delivery service will have to be suspended upon government-imposed rules in the future, payments made will be refunded, and the orders that already had started processing will be delivered.
The PayHere and Sampath bank itself charges 3% of your invoice as the bank processing fee, so that amount is not an amount added by us, instead, it is their service fee for providing the online payment gateway system.
You are welcome to make purchases and contact our customer care hotline anytime and we will be ready to serve you, in case if the hotline will be busy, kindly drop a text via WhatsApp to +94704511450 so it will be responded soon.
Enjoy the service, Together we rise, protect yourself, protect motherland and the whole world.